Update on Music & Memory Program

We are excited to be Music & Memory certified at Middlebury Convalescent Home. This exceptional, personalized music program is rapidly sweeping our nation and is grounded in extensive neuroscience research. Its purpose is to enhance quality of life and promote culture change in long-term care environments. Music can transport an individual to another place and time, often unlocking fond memories from our youth or special events in our lives.

We currently just received a limited number of Ipods from the program. Ultimately, the Music & Memory program will be expanded to include all residents who wish to participate.  Stay tuned for upcoming fundraisers to help with the purchase of additional Ipods and accessories.  There is no fee for participating in this program. Family members will be invited and encouraged to get involved in helping to create their loved one’s personalized playlist. This will be an ongoing opportunity for you and your loved one to take a musical journey together! We will be depending upon our residents and family members to help us begin creating our music library by gifting original CD’s of well known artists in addition to the music selections we have readily available at MCH. We do adhere to recording industry guidelines by following iTunes rules and usage terms and conditions. In addition, we will be purchasing music from iTunes to expand our music library.

For more information about this program, please visit the Music and Memory website www.musicandmemory.org and we encourage you to watch the documentary Alive Inside, available on Netflix, to learn more about the benefits, impact, and enjoyment personalized music has brought to many people already.

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