Our Volunteer

Anya Brych is a volunteer at Middlebury Convalescent Home, who has been volunteering at MCH since May 2015.  She is a UCONN student and will be a junior this coming September 2016.

Anya is studying Molecular and Cellular Biology.  Her plan is to become a doctor of oncology.  She has been recently selected to receive full scholarships to attend a study abroad program in Salamanca, Spain to continue her studies in Neuroscience.  Anya is only one of 20 students in the country receiving the Stemler Scholarship from the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society.  She was also awarded the Lt. Paul L. Drotch Scholarship through UCONN.

Along with her scholarships, Anya received high recommendations from several sources and Middlebury Convalescent Home was one of them.  With that said, our residents and staff are extremely honored to know Anya.  We are very proud of her accomplishments and achievements.  We look forward to seeing her back at MCH.  Good Luck and Happy Travels Anya!!!


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