Waiting List Information

Waiting List Information

Connecticut law requires skilled nursing facilities to maintain a waiting list for admission. 

Homes are required to keep waiting lists and must admit applicants in the order in which they appear, unless the law expressly allows otherwise. 

Some of the several exceptions to the waiting list law include:

  • Short term rehab (less than 90 days) from hospital
  • Terminal illness
  • Spouse resides in the facility
  • Source of payment

Middlebury Convalescent Home is a 58-bed skilled nursing facility.

Our census does not turn over as quickly as some of our larger competitors.  With that said, the waiting period outside of the exceptions noted for an MCH admission is a minimum of two years.

It is highly recommended to have a patient’s name on at least three nursing home’s waiting lists.  In addition, it is suggested that each home be visited and toured.  Also know that residents can be transferred between nursing homes pending availability and according to the state waiting list law.


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