Staying Socially Connected

In keeping with our safety tips and how to take good care of your loved one while still living at home, this article will focus on additional pointers to help your parent.  As our seniors get older, many cannot cope with their losses, and therefore become isolated and can suffer from depression.  The following is a short guide to help your loved one stay focused and engaged in their environment.

Volunteer in the community.  With the opportunity of not having to raise children any longer or keep up with the demands of a career, volunteering is a great way to keep your parent occupied in a very positive way.  Most nursing homes will openly accept volunteers.  At Middlebury Convalescent Home all you need to do is apply and go through a routine interview and orientation.  Our residents always welcome new faces to talk with and to keep their days and minds busy as well.  Please visit for other volunteering opportunities.

Network Through Social Media.  Staying socially connected via social media is a great way to maintain close personal relationships with family, friends, and other important people in their lives.  Some senior centers offer technology classes for seniors to get online and in the networking loop.

Keep the Mind Active.  Playing “mind” games such as doing crossword puzzles or playing chess is a great way to stimulate the brain.  If they play with others, it also helps them stay connected to their peers.  Again, some senior centers may offer game nights.

It’s not unusual for older people to become socially and intellectually introverted. Staying engaged as one gets older will provide more pleasure and gratification in life.  There is also a good chance of staying healthier as one ages.

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