For a multitude of reasons, caregivers may want to care for their elderly loved ones at home.   As long as the situation presents itself as safe for everyone who will be involved, keeping aging parents at home is a very generous and wonderful thing to do.  However, caring for a loved one can also be very overwhelming if you’re not prepared.  Looking after an elderly person is probably one of the most demanding and hardest job you will ever have, especially if you assume those responsibilities on your own.  It is extremely important that the caregiver pays attention to their own health needs as well.  Middlebury Convalescent Home offers a few suggestions to help with caregiving at home.

  • It’s important to know and understand how much care the individual will need.  Assess the daily, weekly, and even monthly tasks that are required.  Doing so will help put into perspective how much care will be necessary.
  • Once you analyze how much care is needed, be truthful about whether or not you can provide the proper care without jeopardizing your own health.
  • Seek help with caregiving.  Finding help takes a great deal of time and effort.  You need to be patient and most times you need to be creative. 
  • Find opportunities for assistance with adult day programs or hiring in-home caregivers through homecare agencies. 
  • Go to your local senior center to find a volunteer to be a companion. 
  • Most skilled nursing facilities offer respite care services. 
  • To help with meals, sign up for a meal delivery like Meals on Wheels. 
  • If you have siblings and/or an extended family, ask to share some of the responsibilities.  If you don’t ask for help, it will be assumed that you don’t need any help.  If you burn out or develop a health issue, you will not be able to care for anyone.

No suggestion will be ideal.  However, when an opportunity to get any type of assistance comes your way, take advantage of it.

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