Safety Tips From MCH

Most senior citizens want to live out their lives in their own home environment without “being a burden to their children”.  Planning ahead to help your parent stay home will greatly increase their chances.  As a prerequisite to my previous news feed “Preparing a Parent for Long Term Placement”, this article will provide our community caregivers with a few effective safety tips from our Middlebury Convalescent Home experts on how to take good care of your aging loved ones that are still at home.

Falls are the number one cause of accidents for people over the age of 65.  Making the home safe is of utmost importance.  Remove small area rugs that can cause trips and/or falls.  Declutter the home by removing unstable furniture such as small tables, a magazine rack, etc.

Install grab bars in the shower and near the toilet to help with standing and sitting.  Be sure they have proper seating accommodations at home such as chairs with arm rests to help support their transfer in and out of chair.

Get your senior involved in some form of exercise.  The benefits of exercise certainly outweigh the risks at any age.  One of the best ways to prevent falls is with exercise and movement.  Your local senior center probably offers group classes such as yoga, Tai Chi, low impact dance lessons, strengthening classes, etc.  If a senior center is not an option, take your loved one for regular walks at the park or go shopping at the mall, which will provide plenty of movement. 

Review your elder’s medication regime with their doctor.  Look for medications that may cause dizziness or weakness.  Also check any over-the-counter medications that can cause additional wear and tear when taken with prescription medications.

If your loved one had a hospitalization and requires post-hospital homecare, be sure the proper amount of care is initiated, especially if they live alone.  Visit them frequently.

Please call Middlebury Convalescent Home for any additional advice.

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