During these very difficult times, please know that Middlebury Convalescent Home has its residents and staff at the highest priority of keeping them safe and healthy.

The Department of Public Health has put visiting restrictions on all nursing homes per federal guidelines. We have been extremely diligent in abiding by all the regulations concerning the pandemic. Our facility continues to go through rigorous daily cleanings, restricting all visitors (including vendors of all types), and monitoring of all residents at every shift. Our staff is continuously adhering to all infection prevention policies and procedures.

As the state moves forward on re-opening our visitations, Middlebury Convalescent Home continues to dedicate itself to helping our families stay connected with their loved ones through virtual methods and being socially distant such as window visiting. We were recently given the federal directive to allow indoor visits with restrictions. Due to the size of Middlebury Convalescent Home, our indoor visiting capabilities are very limited. We ask our families to contact our facility and schedule an appointment for their visits. We want to make sure we give all of our families the time to visit with their loved ones.

We know that these are unprecedented times, and appreciate everyone’s understanding. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re all on the same team working together.


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